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Registrar: 503-606-2628

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MES 2018 - 2019 Staff
Last Name, First Name Room # Position
Adrian, Madison 25 Resource
Altenburg, Elizabeth 19 Life Skills IA
Barbano, Molly Office IA
Barlow, Shannon 25 Resource IA
Beasly, Jessica Office IA
Billman, Angela TMS District Nurse
Blakely, Kathryn 26 Speech
Bradly, Teresa Office IA
Bredeson, Betty Multi Account Clerk
Brown, Liz 21 Life Skills IA
Campbell, Ann 37 RTI
Carrillo, Leticia 21 Life Skills IA
Cuellar, Aurora Kitchen Cook 3
Davids, Victoria Office IA
Delgado, Amily Office IA
Dianovich, Alyssa 17 Kindergarten
Diaz, Lorraine 19 Life Skills IA
Douthitt, Aleisha 41 1st
Drazdoff, Oliva Office Health Coordinator
Engle, Stephanie 23 Admin Assist/Reception
Estrada, Teresa Office IA
Falcon, Mercedes 25 Resource IA
Glade, Giselle Office IA
Hedrick, Gail 21 Life Skills IA
Heide, Chelsea 21 Life Skills
Henderson, Samantha 16 Kindergarten
Hensely, Anne 21 Resource IA
Hodgin, Kait 7 2nd
Holstad, Jeannine 19 Life Skills IA
Hursh, Allison 6 4th
Kersey, Terri 13 TOSA
Kirkman, Karrie 9 2nd
Kittelson, Laura 9 1st
Kreta, Tim 3 5th
Landels, Courtney Office Admin Assist/Office Manager
Larson, Heather Office IA
Lewis, Cheryl 19 Life Skills IA
Lind, Bailey 3 5th
Lynch, Mike 11 Life Skills IA
Masterson, Caitlin 19 Life Skills Sign Language
McMillan, Sharon 19 Life Skills IA
Mendazona, Claudine 21 Life Skills IA
Morris, Carrie Kitchen Cook 2
Naggiar, Cheryl 5 4th
Nance, Katie 14 Kindergarten
Ochoa, Martina 2 3rd
Pulfrey, Torin Multi PE
Rech, Nancy 18 Kindergarten
Reeser, Katelyn 12 2nd
Robl, Jenny Library Media Assistant
Rodriguez, Salvador 34 Custodian
Rounds, Lynette 21 Life Skills IA
Rudich, Kirstie Library After School (ELOP)
Savage, Lisa 25 Resource IA
Seidel, Kim Office Principal
Sickles, Melody 20 1st
Sparks, Michele 15 2nd
Tardie, Breanna 19 Life Skills IA
Unger, Vanessa 1 Mental Health Associate
Vlcek, Jason 8 3rd
Wakefield, Brian 10 5th
Wakefield, Krysia 40 1st
Walker, Micah 25 Resource
Ward, Kim 4 4th 
Wedel, Donna 19 Life Skills IA
Williams, Ferris 34 Custodian
Wright, Dawn 38 Music