Strategic Plan

Central School District and Monmouth Elementary school will prepare students for the future by understanding and developing their potential to the highest possible academic and ethical standards.

We believe:

  • Schools are for everyone.
  • Students perform their best when they feel accepted and valued.
  • Students can attain high achievement given appropriate support.
  • Our diverse population of students is a proud reflection of our school community.
  • Learning is enhanced through active partnerships with students, parents and community members.

We will:

  • Provide a rich curriculum that arouses passion and promotes personal and social development.
  • Ensure basic skills that prepare all students for next step planning and a competitive advantage.
  • Engage students and community in a personalized learning center where all people feel they belong.
  • Establish and nurture partnerships that link the school with the community they serve.
  • Continuously evolve through cycles of reflection that drive improvement.


  • When it comes to our students, there are no acceptable losses.  We will not quit. 
  • Schools will keep working with every child in programs that are valuable, successful and relevant.
  • We will help all children feel they have ownership in and are part of their school.